Especially the fabrics – silk, wool, suede, leather, linen, rayon and denim in it’s purest form should be dry cleaned inside out to last longer.

The basic difference is that dry-cleaning does not use water while laundering does. Dry cleaning is better at removing oil stains and grease while laundry is free from chemical   odor, less expensive and may shrink your garments.

We understand what hygiene means to you. Yes though we wash your clothes with other people clothes, hygiene is highly maintained by our management team in terms of machinery and environment.

We shall check the laundry while pick up and return back if we find any personnel belongings. In case we find any at our store during the laundry preparing or cleaning process, we will take care of them and shall let you know about the same.


You can simply click on Schedule Pick up if you an old user and if you are a new user you have to register by a medium you want after that you have to fill in the phone number and it will send you an OTP which  will redirect to our pickup by entering successful OTP . And then You can request your suitable services with a suitable pickup date and time, delivery date and time by choosing your preferred delivery method and you can visit our store too by visiting our store locator page on the home page navigation bar.

We offer various services that are listed as 5 star for premium care, Dry cleaning, steam ironing, carpet cleaning, home care(HC), Darning, Shoe Laundry, Wash and Fold and wash and iron at your doorstep.


We are currently now accepting online payment with G-pay, Credit Cards and Debit Cards or cash payment at our store is also acceptable.

No, we don’t have such plans yet.