Premium Laundry Service

Experience the Luxury of Premium Laundry Services

Cleanliness leads to Godliness” and White Collar brings the power of premium laundry service with years of expertise that delivers happiness to every doorstep.

Cleaned clothes not only keep germs and bacteria away from your body but also improve your lifestyle.

Assured Quality Control check

Quality check is one of our core competencies that keep our success rate high in the market. Our trained staff strictly adhere to the following method for garment inspection once picked up from your doorstep.


Segmenting your garments based on color, spots, rips, and missing buttons, and checking pockets to avoid any washing problems later

During Inspection

Determine what type of cleaning would be effective for your fabric whether the spots are to be pre-treated or post-treated.

Final Inspection

Ensuring that the items are in the correct order if any double cease appear or any spots are still left out to clean and finally delivering your garments in the best condition.


The ultimate implication of our service ensures high customer satisfaction with on-time delivery and no compromise on the promised quality.

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