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Washing is not enough to make your clothes look fresh and tidy. Steam iron is the best way to give that professionally pressed look and White Collar as a premium steam ironing service provider gets it done in a matter of minutes. We ensure the best steam ironing service in Bangalore that keeps your clothes looking fresh. Our professionals take care of the most stubborn wrinkles and maintain temperature control depending on the fabric requirement. Press out your life’s little trouble with us and enjoy the advantage of saving your precious time.

Dry Iron v/s steam iron

Now, you must be thinking that why do you need steam ironing? Because Steam iron has a steamer that emits from the holes of the sole plate while ironing. That moisture when sprayed on the clothes seems easy to remove rigid wrinkles. Steam iron is more useful in fabrics like cotton, linen, muslin, and denim. The advantages of getting steam ironed by professionals like white collar help the fiber of your clothes be well-pressed for a long time. This ensures your clothes’ longevity. While dry iron is not appropriate to remove stubborn wrinkles from clothes no matter what. It takes a lot of effort to use a dry iron, especially for fabrics like cotton. However, dry iron works well with wool, polyester, and silk satin.
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