Premium Shoe Laundry Service

Preserve your first impression to last longer

Did you know that cleaning shoes with traditional techniques can reduce their longevity? Yes, you heard it right..!!


Shoe cleaning is an art that needs special care and cleaning techniques that cannot be done at home. While doing so, you unknowingly damage your favorite pair of shoes. Getting the best shoe cleaning service from us kicks out the stash of foul odors with our advanced cleaning methods. As a result, it ensures every part of your shoes becomes spotless and keeps them fresh and clean inside and out.

Why shoe cleaning is a need of the hour?

Captures first attention

Removes germs

Prevents smelly feet

Ensures long-life

Keeps shine presentable

Complete Care under one roof:

All shoe types:
Different shoes need different cleaning techniques which is a tough task. But our professional experts get with ease. Our experts understand the shoe type and its fabric and use the right technique to swipe away all specks of dirt and germs with utmost care. We use a unique chemical depending on the fabrics to clean it all over. No matter, whether it’s boots or sneakers, we are one-stop solution to free you from shoe-cleaning worries..!!

Shoe Conditioning:
Your shoes are usually accustomed to dirt, dust, and bacteria. To protect them from such exploitation our professionals pay detailed attention to every corner. For this purpose, we apply a thin transparent protective coating of Mink & Lanolin oil to free your shoes from bad odors and germs. We also apply a different chemical to retain the white color and shine of your shoes.

Crease and Sole Protection: To protect the sole from weathering effects, our team ensures its strength and quality by applying an undersole shield. As a result, it increases the durability of your shoes. Remember those creases you see on the upper part of the shoes while moving your feet? Even that also needs protection from wear-tear. We situate an anti-crease guard inside the toe part to prevent any further creases and ensure its long life.

How we do it

Dismantle the shoes

Inspect the area with dirt

Give a tough rinse or scrub depending on the washibility

Re inspect or rewash if necessary

Repair and reassemble the shoes

Pack for delivery

Schedule Pick-up

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